just returned from the motherland of me – winnipeg and i had soooo much fun. for real though, my pegcity girls are the best. it was like a musical: strolling the streets in symphonies of laughter and spontaneous song. then we ate the most poutine of life and fell asleep in pairs on the johnny g’s table.

it was divine.

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may i chill

summah time high

summah time fly

summah time sigh…


summah time don’t lie

to me

may 23, 2013 and this breeze is hella freezy.

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varadero 2013: just missed bey n jay

we spent some familia time in the lovely cuba. these are 5 things i discovered:

1. we are a passionate family and nothing will change that.

2. snorkelling feels like a lucid dream.

3. i will write a novel out of an apartment in habana.

4. there must’ve been a cuban spice embargo.

5. i still look like rihanna.


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