came upon me/ left

woke up
freshness all ova me light
came to the realization that i seemed to have forgotten
down those dark
n lonely roads
i’m a fine lotta woman and if a man can’t hang he just ain’t ready
i have a womb that bleeds and breeds brilliance warriors
strength and beauty
i as woman carry the races of humanness
and see
there just aint enough space to procreate sub par specimens like it aint no thang
cause it is
the only thang of any and every thang
i am a selector divinely appointedly so
clearly this damn fool
proven by the fact that he let me go
just aint got the smarts and brains and genes
that deserve to be carried away into the future
so he leaves me no choice
i let him go

take anything you want/ from me

nights. vision be dwindlin.
moments overexert themselves.
what was has long disappeared.
i sit in spaces designed for waiting.
knowing better now when i am not pleased.
finding myself feigning affection no longer present.
what’s left are safe spaces and same choices.
we did have some laughs though.
i can’t decide how useful that is.
some things still
some things never change.
the music told me to turn around but i didn’t listen.
let habit and faith carry me to his front door.
i reached.
body knew what to do.
didn’t require much cerebral involvement.
hot coffee at the ol corner pocket.
i left early on purpose.
yeah, he had to work but i left early on purpose.
i am protecting the interests of my solitude.
i like where it is.
when it is where its ‘posed to be.
getting more comfortable leaving things in their
that’s where they belong.
don’t know if love can survive there
but that’s not saying much.